About ESPH

Established in December of 2016, ESPH was started to provide Canadians with advice and strategies to reduce their carbon footprint and start making this beautiful planet of ours a better place to live.

We hope to develop long standing relationships with environmentalists in our area and get away from the “old” thinking of energy and on to renewable energy sources. We aren’t oblivious to the fact that it is going to take a long time to move on from an Oil and Gas based economy to one of renewable resources, possibly longer than our lifetime. That doesn’t mean we are going to take a “oh well, not gonna be my problem” approach. We are going to be looking to actively improve our carbon footprint and spread the word of what we are doing so that others can follow. A 10 000 mile journey begins with one step. Why don’t we both take that step together?

Our blog will be mainly focused on simple tips to reduce your carbon footprint. Anything from saving on your gas bill to planting a couple trees in your neighborhood garden. We couldn’t be anymore excited to get started! If you’d like to send us an e-mail to help with the project, head over to our contact page